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The Villamors of Abra

the Villamor crest

A website that outlines the descendants of Blas Villamor and Maria Del Rosario Bersamin written by Issa Bacsa, a 5th generation of the Villamor clan, for the next generations of Villamors worldwide who want to learn about the family history.

The 9 children of Blas Villamor and Maria Del Rosario Bersamin

  1. Laureana (married to Felipe Garcia)
  2. Martina (married to Eugenio Borda)
  3. Eulalio (married to Longina Garcia)
  4. Valeriana (married to Leon Besares)
  5. Antonio (died single, without issue)
  6. Mariano (married to Antonia Batoon y Balmaceda)
  7. Vicenta (married to Bonifacio Besares)
  8. Florencio (married to Wencesla Borbon y Estudillo)
  9. Hermogena (died single, without issue)

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